Sunday, May 17, 2015

16 May 2015 - Golf Tourney

A couple photo ops your Web Sergeant caught from her home on golf tournament day: (Click on the photo to enlarge)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 2015 Commandant's Corner

May will be a busy month for the Detachment with the primary subject being the Golf Tournament. Carl Kulyk and his staff have spent many hours in preparation for the BIGGEST FUND RAISER we will experience this year.  All the necessary details (some small but mostly big) have so far been taken care of by a few hands.  WE NEED MANY HANDS.

Remember, I mentioned before you do not need to be a golfer to assist in accomplishing the many tasks that need to be accomplished.  You do not need to be a golfer to assist people, set up tables/chairs, sell tickets, and making yourself available to do that which needs to be done.

For those members in the Detachment who have not yet committed themselves to assist in this effort, please do so right after you read this newsletter.  You can do so by signing up on the roster for a time slot.  If you are unfamiliar with the procedures to sign up, please contact your Fire Team Leader or any Detachment Officer (including me) and ask for assistance.  To make this Golf Tournament a success we All NEED TO DO OUR PART.

As some of you know we had the opportunity to participate in raising and lowering the flag at the Breast Cancer ceremony that was conducted by the students and faculty at Dixie University on Friday 24 April.  We had only eight members in attendance but we did a great job.  Gordon Farr was assigned the task of tying the lanyards to the metal pole.  There was a small problem - there was no securing hook, it had become so rusted that when the lanyards hit it, off it went onto the ground.  As Gordon held the lanyards with all his strength (for the wind was blowing the flag every which way) he whispered "what shall we do."  He was informed to hold the lanyards tight for the next 30 minutes and someone would be sent out to relieve him.  His expression was priceless.  But, he had nothing to fear, the ingenuity of his fellow Marines kicked in and an immediate search for "the farmer's friend" was launched.  Within a few minutes someone had located a roll of "DUCT TAPE."  After wrapping the lanyards to the pole a dozen times, everyone was convinced that it would hold until the next day when we would return to take the flag down.  We returned properly prepared with BOX CUTTERS.

Semper Fi
D'Arcy Grisier, Commandant

Friday, May 8, 2015

2015 May 28 - Job Fair Layton, Utah

Here's the flyer:  JOB FAIR FLYER

28 May 2015
Layton, Utah
Davis Conference Center, 1651 N. 700 West, Layton, UT

Thursday, May 7, 2015

9 May 2015 - Monthly Breakfast Meeting

0700 Devil Pup First Training Session at Dixie State University
0830 Buffet Breakfast at Elks Lodge
0900 Meeting, Elks Lodge

The uniform will be red shirt and black trousers.  If anyone does not have this uniform they may wear anything indicating the USMC.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

AFJROTC Awards Night

At Dixie High School's AFJROTC program Friday night, May 1, our Commandant, D'Arcy Grisier, presented certificates to two deserving cadets.  Our Detachment also supplies the latest two names on the large plaque that hangs in the AFJROTC building on campus.  234 cadets with family and friends filled the auditorium. Be sure to ask Commandant Grisier what he thought of the military precision of this entire evening of honoring Dixie High cadets.

Ivan Cataluna, our 2014 Honor Pup, mopped up awards at the program with his scholastic abilities.  What an amazing young man he is.  As a senior, he is headed for Dixie State University next year.  We also learned of another Pup entering the Marine Corps.  There were several other Pup graduates who received honors:  McKenzie Simmons (2013 Pup), Cole Cutner (2014 Pup), Saxten Tesch (2012 Pup) and Jack Wright (2014 Pup).  Honors were also received by at least three of the current 2015 candidates. 

Lt. Col. William C. Toole, Devil Pup Liaison Rep who has worked with many of the AFJROTC students for the past 8-1/2 years, was given the first annual Special Veteran Appreciation award (along with free passes to Red Cliffs Rifle and Pistol Range).  The Devil Pup program has made a huge difference in the AFJROTC program as well as the lives of many Dixie High School cadets, evidenced by the parents who make it a point to thank Bill and the ring of cadets surrounding him when he is on campus.  He was surprised and humbled at the standing ovation he received.  Oohrah!

Monday, April 27, 2015

26 Apr 2015 - Our Extended Family Losses

Detachment member Ken Olsen's wife, Shirley, passed away at 6:45 p.m. on 26  Apr 2015.  Shirley was a charter member of Utah Dixie's auxiliary and a faithful companion to Ken.  Our sympathies to the Olsen family.

Detachment member Larry Mineer's mother, Dorothy, passed away in Washington City surrounded by family on 26 Apr 2015.  She was 92-1/2 and was a life long resident of Utah, spending her first 26 years in Salt Lake City, 46 years in Bountiful and her remaining years in Southern Utah to be close to her family who resided in the Washington County area.  Our sympathies to our Sergeant-at-Arms, Larry and his wife, Claire, on their loss.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Golf Tournament Sign-Ups


For those Marines who are not golfing we have been given an opportunity to do OUR part in supporting the biggest Detachment fundraiser of the year –OUR annual golf tournament.

                       SATURDAY             16 MAY

                       SUNRIVER GOLF COURSE

Here is OUR chance to sign up for something that will greatly assist the success of the tournament.

Here is OUR chance to participate even if we don't golf.

Here is OUR chance to be the face for the Detachment (while the golfers golf).

In the link above is a form to review and sign OUR names for as many duties as WE can accomplish.  (Some tasks require less than 15 minutes to complete but must be done and done correctly.)  A quick review will show a requirement to set up chairs at 0630. That task, while important, won't take long, SO, we can be expected to accomplish that mission plus others.  For example:  Setting out raffle prizes and/or assisting the Explorer Post, as well as handing out prizes after the tournament.
You get the picture.

If you have any questions about the duties, you can contact any of the golf committee members who will be able to answer your questions. Uniform will be the red shirts and black trousers/shorts. Garrison cap or any USMC cap.

Let's all who can participate be there.  Volunteers are needed.  Remember:

Be Available.

    Be Prepared.

          Be Involved.

Be There.

D'Arcy E. Grisier
Utah Dixie Detachment #1270