Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Commandant's Message - August

We had our first summer meeting and the turn out was a little light. The meal count was twenty-two and we need twenty-five to break even. The current officers were installed and one new member was sworn in. We had two new guests. One was a Marine who was not able to stay for the meeting but took an application to join. The other was a corpsman who I invited. He seemed very interested in joining. He was actually the one who sent the first mentioned guest who was not able to stay. The Detachment continues to grow in size but we are always looking for at least a few more.

Tickets for the Marine Ball are available from Ken Olsen and will be available at our next meeting. The cost is twenty-five dollars per ticket. We need everyone to attend and to bring a guest. Tom Cover is moving forward with the sale of the ads for the printed ball program. Each one of us should be able to sell a couple ads. We all have a doctor, dentist, barber or other business person to ask. There will be more information at August meeting or contact Tom Cover.

I think we have located a reasonable source to obtain M-1's for our color guard. I hope that all the information on obtaining them will be available next meeting.

As you should know from the e-mail sent out by Clyde Johnston, we were able to raise the $4.000.00 to upgrade a room at the new VA retirement home. Larry Mineer stood up to make the difference.

I have requested now twice from the membership any suggestions any member may have for a new project for the detachment this year. As of this date, I have heard from no one. It is hard for me to believe with the vast military experience of our members that there are no ideas.

I do hope you all are enjoying this summer and look forward to seeing you all at the August meeting on August 13 at the Abbey Inn.