Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September Commandant's Message

Well, it is now September. It is time for some cooler weather and the near return of our snow birds. The turnout at last general meeting was a little low but it was also vacation time. We hope to see the regular turnout at the general meeting on September 10. We plan to have a speaker from the Saint George Police Department.

The purchase of six M-1's was approved and we are in final stage of sending in the order. We still need a few members to step up to join the color guard. We attend a couple funerals this month and our attendance is appreciated by the families. We hope to be able to provide a full funeral service in next few months. It all depends on each member doing his or her part.

The Marine Ball committee is working hard to finalize the event. The tickets will be available at the meeting for $25.00 each. It would make it much easier on the committee if you would purchase your tickets at this time so they can plan on a member certain. There will be no tickets sold at the door. If you don’t plan to attend they also would like to know. You should be getting call from a committee member soon about tickets, please be sure to return their call if they miss you.

I have been advised that our ad sales are slow at this time. The cut off date in mid October so it is now time to get out and get ads. You should report any ad sales to Tom Cover. We will have the ad sale forms at the general meeting. We all have our own doctor, dentist, barber and car repair person, and you don’t know if they will support our program unless you ask. Only a few members worked on selling ads last year and we cleared more than $1,600.

I have been advised that the Dixie Direct Books may be available the first part of October so it is time to advise your friends that we will be selling them again this year. Everyone should be able to sell a few if you just try. We are hoping to have a schedule for work this year soon for Toys for Tots so we can start getting prepared. You can see there is a lot happening at this time and that we need your help to be successful.
See you all on September 10 at the Abbey Inn.

Commandant Carl Kulyk

9/10    8:30 Monthly Detachment Meeting; Abbey Inn
9/09    MCL Departmental meeting in Richfield Utah.
11/10  Marine Corps Birthday Ball @ Sun River