Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Jan 10 - MCL Breakfast Meeting

Utah Dixie Detachment #1270, Marine Corps League, has a very special guest speaker coming to our January 10th meeting. Our speaker’s name is Dave Hansen who was a “dust-off” helicopter pilot in Viet Nam.  Most of his time was spent in the vicinity of Khe Sanh where Hansen made run after harrowing run picking up wounded soldiers and marines.  Dave has been back to Viet Nam several times since the war and he will be speaking to us about what’s going on there now and about a program he and a few other veterans established to help heal Afghanistan and Iraq War Veterans.

Hansen’s son Luke is a film maker and produced a documentary entitled, “Soldiers Sanctuary” to outline and illustrate how trips to Vietnam by younger vets, being escorted by Nam vets, has influenced the lives of all the participants.  Dave Hansen will speak to this project as well as his effort to plant trees at the battle site where the siege of Khe Sanh lasted over 70 days in early 1968.  Hansen just returned again from Viet Nam this month.

We’ll meet at the La Quinta Inn for the January 10 meeting.  La Quinta is located at Hwy 15 and Brigham Road and Dave will begin at 0900.  His presentation will last no more than a half hour and you will be able to ask questions.  We hope to see you January 10th.

Breakfast is available for $3.00.  Payable to Larry who will collect the money for La Quinta.  Rolls and coffee will be available in the room.

2015 Jan Commandant's Corner


2014 was a great year. As a Detachment we accomplished many tasks; some more challenging than others but all equally accomplished with the same enthusiasm and spirit. On behalf of the Detachment I have had the honor of accepting many accolades from not only City officials but our friends and neighbors who have witness our involvement in the many activities in which we have participated. To all I say “Well done” and “Semper Fidelis.”

During the months of October and November we conducted one of the most successful recruiting program we have ever experienced. A total of fourteen new “recruits” joined our ranks during this period (both tegular and Associate Members). It is up to all of us to seek them out and extend our hand individually in “Welcoming them back to a Marine Corps Association.” 

We need also to say “Well Done” to both Les Covey and his Committee, as well as, to our Web Sergeant for completing the “New Member Brochure” in time to be passed out to our new members. For those who may not have seen the Brochure, it will be available for review at the next Detachment Meeting 10 January (which will be held at the La Quinta Inn, 91 East 2680 South, behind the Flying J Station near the Bloomington round-about on route I15 – call your Fire Team Leader if you need additional directions.) 

Your Leaders, although convinced Dixie Detachment is the best Detachment in the Utah Department (heck, in the Marine Corps League), continue to seek your recommendations for improvements. Feel free to communicate with your Fire Team Leader letting him know of your good recommendation(s) for the betterment of the Detachment.

News Coverage of Birthday Ball

Here is an article on our Birthday Ball.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Toys for Tots Update

1.  As we are all aware, volunteering during the month of December in support of Toys For Tots, Shop with a Cop and Coins For Kids requires many hours by both the public at large and our Detachment members.

2.  Our recent effort to provide Marines at the Wal Mart and Dixie Convention Center went well.  We had 12-13 Marines at 1730 and most of them remained to the end at 2200.

3.  In addition, there were individual volunteers (4) and Marines (5) at the TFT warehouse reviewing hundreds of requests for toys and inserting these requests into the computer.  While this administrative action was taking place toys were being pulled to fill orders previously approved.

4.  Friday December 19th will be spent at the Warehouse fulfilling all requests and preparing them for delivery.  Rick stated that any Marines that can spend  two/three hours helping them on Friday would be greatly appreciated.

5.  We have also been asked on Friday to provide 7 - 9 Marines at the Dixie Convention Center during the hours 1530 - 2100.  If possible we need to break that up to three hour shifts. Our coordinator there will be Hal Alford (632-0439).  One member from each Fire Team would fulfill this requirement.

5.  Saturday is reserved for delivering Toys by ALL HANDS.  A previous email was sent to ALL MARINES concerning Saturday 0915. The address remains:  Waxie Warehouse on 3050 East 450 North just south of Costco.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

20 Dec 2014 - Toy Delivery

Just in:  Just got confirmation from Rick Massey that he would like anyone and everyone to show up at the warehouse location (noted below) around 0930 to 1000 to help with delivery of toys.  If like previous years, you'll be given bags of toys and the address or addresses to locate for delivery.  

A lot of you have been asking about toy delivery for the Toys for Tots program.  I have not received any blog request or official notification of what is expected but I've gotten a copy of the following e-mail:

"For all of you who can help deliver Toys for Tots show up at the Waxy Warehouse on 3050 East 450 North just south of Costco this Saturday at 0915. Please let myself or Steve Handy know who can help?

Larry & Steve"
Larry would be Larry Mineer at (435) 627-8182.
Steve would be Steve Handy at (435) 619-5064.

Monday, December 15, 2014

17 Dec 2014 - Toys for Tots Assistance Needed

TO ALL MARINES and MARINES with teens in the family:  We would like as many hands as possible to assist with the transportation of toys from Bloomington WalMart to the Dixie Convention Center.  The transport of toys will go on from 5:15 p.m. to 9:00 or 9:30 p.m. - as a truckload is packed, it will go to the Dixie Center and return for more.  Teens make good elves - bring them along.  Light refreshments will be provided. See you all there!