Sunday, April 28, 2013

Did you see our Color Guard?

A Marine Corps League (actually THE Marine Corps League from St. George, Utah!!) marches with the flag during the beginning of the Cotton Days parade in Washington City on Saturday, April 27.  The Spectrum shared this photo in Sunday's newspaper.

Saying Goodbye

On Monday, April 8th we paid our respects to Art Archambault at the "Dixie" Elks Lodge and wished him well on his journey to Valhalla.   In the spirit of the founding members of Detachment #1270, Art was the first to approach me about joining the Marine Corps League and then, I'm sure, called in the close support, calling Toole, leaving me no choice but to fall into formation.

Art's gentle nature spoke to the tenderness that lies under the surface of a Marine and his sometimes enigmatic demeanor spoke to the complexity of the man's values and beliefs.  One could never question that Art fits into that category of men that exemplifies the highest standard and tradition of the United States Marine Corps.  His wife Betty was the first to write an article announcing my arrival and the beginning of operations of the St. George Vet Center in the "Dixie" Elks' Newsletter.

The world was made a better place by their standing together for God, Corps, Country, and Community. Oorah, Art!

Bruce Solomon

2013 May Commandant's Message

Well, I for one am happy to see May is here.  I sure don't enjoy getting older but it means my term as Commandant is nearly over.  I remember being a president of a Rotary club in 1990 when women, because of a court order, were first allowed to join Rotary clubs.  It sure caused a lot of problems at first and I had a hard year.  But what I remember most from my service with Rotary and the Detachment is how I could only count on a very small number of the members to get things done.  I accepted this in Rotary, but I was surprised that this happens in a Marine organization.  I sure have to accept responsibility for this as I was in charge.  I am sure with D'Arcy's experience and leadership skills that things will change for the best.

D'Arcy doesn't take over till June, so you have to deal with my style of kinder leadership until then.  This means that I have the task of making the golf tournament a successful golf event and, more important, a successful fund raiser.  A few members again are finding golfers, with Clyde leading with more than thirty golfers.  Larry is doing his part with a couple others, and I am trying.  You still have time to get off your butt and find some golfers.  The good thing is that at this time all twenty-two tee signs have been already sold by "The Few."

If you really don't know anyone who plays golf, you can get out and get some gifts donated that we can use for raffle prizes and our auction.  We need a few large items for the auction and as many small items we can get for the raffle.  A few gift certificates for a car wash or meals at a restaurant would work along with any small golf related items.  The auction and the raffle proceeds make up a substantial part of the funds that we raise.  So, in simple terms, if you don't know any golfers, go out and find some items we can use for the auction and raffle.  And if you don't have the time or you lack the ability to go out and ask for donations, then reach into your own pocket and go out and buy an item to donate to the detachment.  We will give you a receipt so you can claim it on your taxes.  Well, enough said, if you don't feel you should do your part than leave it up to "the Few."

The only other thing we need on the day of the tournament is assistance with checking in the players, collecting checks, running a short event at start of the day, or collecting for sale of raffle tickets.  There will be someone available to assist you and to show you what has to be done. You will be finished by 9:00 a.m.  We will have signup sheet at the meeting.

Mike Ernsten, when he is not winning the monthly 50/50, has again handled the nominating committee of one because no one was willing to help him.  At the April meeting a slate of new staff officers was submitted to the Detachment.  There were no other members willing to run.  A formal election to approve the slate will be done at the May meeting.

Our speaker at the May meeting will be Robert Flowers who is the Chief of Police of the joint Ivins and Santa Clara Police Department.  He was an officer with the UHP and he was chief of police in St. George.  He also was involved with security with the Olympics Games in SLC.

The Color Guard has been very busy in April.  I appreciate Larry and the few members who step up to serve every time they are asked.  We had a couple grave side funerals, one being in Gunlock and one in Hurricane.  There was a flag event at the Elks on one Friday which was followed by the funeral in Hurricane and a flag raising that afternoon for a Relay for Life event at the Dixie Football Field.  On the following Saturday, the guard was at the Washington City Cotton Parade and then at the Dixie Football Field to secure colors at noon.  You can see that we need more members to be part of the Color Guard.  The Detachment will pay one-half the cost of the needed uniform items. You should see Larry at the meeting to order the items.

I have also been informed that a number of new members do not have the required cover or shirt.  If you are one of these members, please see Larry at the meeting so it is not necessary for me to contact you.

Carl Kulyk, Commandant

Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 Devil Pup Summer Camp

Devil Pup camp is fast approaching.  This summer's camp is from Thursday, 18 July, through Saturday, 27 July at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California.  We provide transportation to the camp, and respectfully request that the parents attend the graduation ceremony, as it is a peak experience in the young lives of their children. Parents are responsible for transportation home from Camp Pendleton.

Parent information meetings will be held next week at the Washington County Library in St. George  at which we can meet and enlighten parents on the value of this program in the development of their youngster.  Although you may not have heard of the program, it has graduated over 50,000 young people over the years of its existence, after an intensive ten-day course whose motto is "Growth through challenge."

For more information and photos, please see the SoUtah Devil Pup Blog at:
SoUtah Devil Pups

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

2013 April Commandant Message

Well, April is here.  It is time to nominate new officer’s to replace those ending their term.  Mike Ernsten, the one man nominating committee, seems to have some problem with finding people to fill the positions.  Here is your chance to step up and make the Detachment better.  It is important that we find the right people to do the job, so please attend the meeting.
The detachment handled three funerals in March.  I do appreciate the members who continue to attend and assist with the funerals.  We have lost another one of our members with the passing of Art Archambault.  The family has requested that we provide military honors for him.  The memorial service will be on April 8 at the Dixie Elks Lodge.  We will provide the time as soon as possible.  We need at least fourteen color guard members to do a full service.  If you are one and can attend, please contact Larry Mineer.  Since Art was a charter member of the Detachment, it would be nice if all members could attend.  You should wear our meeting uniform with cover. 
The committee, headed by Bill Feeney, for Detachment giving has recommended that we donate $500.00 to the Dixie Elks/City of Saint George to support a swim program for special needs persons. 

It has also been recommended that we donate $317.00 to the JROTC for one of their award programs which we have supported in the past.  You can provide your input at the meeting on these donations. 
Our second Marine Appreciation Day has been arraigned by Steve Handy. It will be held on May 18 at the Vernon Worthen Park in St. George.  He will have flyers with all the details at the next general meeting.  We have completed the Dixie Books sale this year.  We were able to raise more than $1,500.00 and this was with a lot of members not even buying a book for themselves.  I guess that I can understand why they don’t sell any when they can’t even sell themselves one. 
Based on the above, it is hard for me to try to get members to support our golf tournament.  But it is set for June 1 at Sun River.  I know how hard a few members work to try and make it successful.  It is our main fund raiser.  At the last general meeting, it was announced that there were flyers for the tournament and tee signs on the front table for you to take.  They were for you to try and find golfers and tee sign sponsors.  I saw only one person come up and take a flyer.  I guess you have no problem letting Clyde and Larry find the golfers and tee sign sponsors to make the tournament a success.  It would be nice if everyone at least tried to help.  We do need raffle prizes and I have no excuse that I can make for you if you can’t even try to obtain a few.  The flyers tell how we use the money we raise so all you have to do is give them out. You should plan on hearing a lot about the golf tournament in the next two months.
Steve Handy and Jim Haney, with Bill Feeney as supervisor-project manager and material provider, were able to redo the Veteran Display at the Dixie Elks Lodge.  If you are up there, you should check out the great job they did.
Terry Hansen was able to build a needed speaker’s podium at the veteran’s center.  Our members continue to serve the community.
I have received a report from Dennis Cory’s wife that his surgery on April 1 went well and they are hopeful that they were able to remove all the cancer.  They think he will be in the hospital about three days, and he is scheduled to be moved into a regular room on April 2.
I hope to see you all at the meeting on April 13.  If you sponsored someone and they are not attending meetings, please call and invite them to attend.

Carl Kulyk, Commandant