Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 2013 Commandant's Corner

The month of October has finally arrived. Most of the children and grandchildren will be focusing on Halloween. While I enjoy the holiday - passing out candy and fruit, looking at the new costumes and trying to convince a five year old ghost that he has scared his grandparents - I caution all Marines to be extra careful as they drive through their neighborhood during the evening hours. Besides the Marine Corps Ball is right around the corner and we want all of you (and your guests) to attend.

The Marine Corps Ball committee is doing a great job. An update on their accomplishments (so far) should be included in the October Newsletter.

The leaders of your Detachment held their Monthly Meeting on the fourth Thursday of the month. This past meeting was quite interesting and informative. Many of you saw the display of the Dixie Detachment Charter. The encasement was built and donated by our own Rick Massey - thanks again Rick. The Charter will be displayed at all future Detachment Meetings.

Gene Gregory’s health has greatly improved and he has agreed to accept the Chairmanship of the "Donations Planning/Review Committee."  Clyde Johnston has accepted the assignment as Committee member.

By virtue of his current assignment (Paymaster), Jim Haney, will be an ex-officio on the Committee. An additional member will be announced soon. The primary mission of the Committee will be to develop an overall system for closely monitoring and reviewing the Detachment’s philanthropic works.

Bill Toole is doing a bang-up job as the PAO/Historian. Unbeknownst to me, his very competent wife, Donna, has been maintaining a comprehensive record of the Detachment over the years. Each year is encompassed in a three ring binder. These binders will be on displayed at each monthly Detachment meeting. Any questions ask Bill.

Oscar Garcia has volunteered to monitor the selling of Dixie Direct Books. The revenue has provided the Detachment with additional funds to help others. Ask your neighbors, friends, doctors, dentists, barbers, business acquaintances and others if they are going to purchase a Dixie Direct Book to purchase the book from you. You may take advance order(s). Make the contact NOW!! Books will be available end of October.

Our guest speaker for 14 October’s Monthly Meeting at Abby’s Inn is: Dr. Ben FOX, Neurosurgeon, Medical Center. Our thanks go out to Steve IKUTA for his dedication in ensuring that the Detachment always has outstanding speakers for our Monthly Meeting.

I hope all of the Fire Team Leaders have overcome all obsoletes and were able to contact the members of their Fire Teams. It was noted that a couple of telephone numbers were incorrect (and have now been corrected), preventing them from completing their task. One objective we are trying to reach is: Obtaining the REAL reasons why many members do not attend the Monthly meetings. As Commandant I appreciate feedback from conversations held: good - or bad. I ask all members to "TELL IT LIKE IT IS."

I encourage all Marines to attend the Marine Corps Ball - see you there.

D’Arcy Grisier, Commandant