Monday, March 16, 2015

Golf Tournament Workers Needed

The annual Utah Dixie Detachment #1270 golf tournament is our main fund raiser for the entire year and we’ve only got about 10 weeks before it happens.  If you can make the first planning meeting  on 19 March, please let Pat Lisi know so we get an idea on how many to expect.  Last year we had a good committee with roughly a dozen Detachment members.  We need at least that many again this year to make this a successful golf outing.  Thank you.

The meeting will convene at 1500, Thursday, March 19 at the Vet Center, 1664 S. Dixie Drive, Suite C-102, St. George, UT.

What we are going to need more than anything else to make this a fantastic fund raiser is GOLFERS!  Sign up, bring a team, or at least get word out to all your friends or anyone you know, about this golf tournament. Make some copies of the flyer below and spread them around.  May is a great time to golf in St. George because it isn’t too hot.
Contact Pat Lisi: patlisigmac (at) gmail (dot) com

As you collect checks from player participants in the tournament, have the check(s) made out to MCL #1270.  Participants can pay the morning of the event by check, cash or credit card, but securing their checks ahead of the event is best for the Detachment.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

More Guard Duty Needed

1.  We have been asked to extend our SECURITY WATCH FOR THE WALL BY TWELVE HOURS.

2.  There will still be a ceremony at the WALL today, Saturday, at 1800.

3.  The WALL is scheduled to be taken down Sunday morning.  Current plans call for the WALL to move out Sunday afternoon.

4.  Therefore, please review the new schedule (click the link below) which runs from Saturday 2000 until Sunday at 0800, and select a watch.

5.  As you review the schedule please take into consideration that WE should have at least TWO Marines for each watch.  Note the slightly different format from the prior list.

6.  I appreciate your understanding and trust you will join with me in providing the proper security worthy for THE WALL.

D'Arcy E. Grisier, Commandant

Again, please open the document, type in your name and phone number and then close the document.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

11-15 Mar 2015 - Vietnam Wall Guard Duty


The Wall will arrive in St George on Wednesday 11 March 2014.  It will be set up at the Zion Harley-Davidson facility located at 2345 No. North Coral Canyon Blvd., Washington, Utah.  (Exit 16.)

The Vietnam Veterans came up with the cash and  (along with Zion Harley-Davidson) were responsible for making the arrangements for the Wall to spend five days in Southern Utah.

As in the past, Dixie Detachment #1270 has agreed to provide security during the dark hours.  Our Web Sergeant has prepared a sign-up sheet in two-hour assignments.  There are 92 members in the Dixie Detachment and 24 slots to fill.  We would prefer to see each two-hour relief of the guard filled by two Marines.  We will leave it up to the Fire Team leaders to see that we have two individuals sign up for each two-hour relief of the guard.  In order to spread the admin load, there obviously is a requirement for doubling of the guard in the dark hours.

As Donna will explain to the new members, you can sign up online.  By the way, if you really want to reminisce, sign up for a four-hour assignment.  (It might let you recall the listening post assignments in Korea and Vietnam.) Click this link for a sign-up sheet:

IMPORTANT:  Type your name in a slot and add your phone number in the appropriate space.  Examples have been entered to show you how it's done.  Just close out of the form when you have signed up.  The information you typed will remain and everyone can see how many slots are left.  If you have trouble with this process, please e-mail Donna (dtoole [at] sunrivertoday [dot] com) and she will put your name in the slot you request.

The first public viewing of the Vietnam Wall begins at 1100 Wednesday, 11 Mar 2015 with closing ceremonies on Saturday 1800.