Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011 July Message from the Commandant

Well, summer is here in St. George and the snow birds are gone for a few months. As noted at the June meeting, we will have staff and general meetings in July and August. Things come up on us too fast if we miss those months.

The color guard posted colors at the June chamber meeting. The governor was present at the meeting and he expressed his respect for the Marine Corps and your service. The Color Guard was well received. The Color Guard will post colors again this year at the Bloomington Stake House on July 3. We have not received any requests for the 4th of July at time of this writing.

This is my second month and I appreciate D‟Arcy Grisier and James Haney for stepping up and filling the two vacant positions. The minutes prepared by Jim Haney were in a great format and complete. D‟Arcy Grisier is working hard to learn his duties and he will make an outstanding Chaplin.

My focus this year will be to determine our objectives for the year and find the right people to chair the necessary committees to accomplish the objectives. If anyone has a project that fits into our detachment general goals, you should put it in writing and submit it as soon as possible. I feel there are many things out there that we can do for veterans and the community.

Larry Mineer, our Color Guard leader, would like to have seven or eight more members with uniforms to help with events. He would also like the detachment to obtain at least two M-1s so we don’t have to borrow them each event. I looked on the internet and they cost between $750.00 and $1,700.00. If you know where we may be able to obtain them at a better price, please contact Larry Mineer. We hope in time to have seven M-1s so we can provide a full formal funeral when request by a family of a fallen Marine. I feel each Marine family deserves it and active personal are not always available.

I am looking forward to the highway clean-up on June 25 and hope we have a good showing. Do your best to bring a guest to our next meeting. We still need a few good men and women.

Carl Kulyk, Commandant