Monday, June 11, 2012

5th Annual Golf Benefit Tournament

The fundraiser golf tournament for this year will be held on June 23rd at Sun River Golf Club. All members have received by e-mail blast the Tee Sponsorship Order Form which shows a picture of the tee sponsor sign with art work inserted for one of the first sponsors sold, Salon Khroma. Please just read the form and hand it to your prospective sponsor as you are asking for their commitment to purchase a tee sponsorship — the form already includes an explanation of community programs the Detachment supports, as well as the details of what the sponsor will get.

In addition to customized art work on a tee sign, sponsors will also have their art work attached to a “Thank You Sponsors” banner to be displayed centrally at the event. Just use the words on the order form, along with one of our tri-fold brochures, to ask for the order. Although the form instructs sponsors to send electronic format art work to Brio Design, we’ll make it even easier for you and your prospect by having the art work in whatever form sent to and I’ll do the legwork for you with Brio. Progress reports from Carl Kulyk, Larry Mineer, Jim Haney, Steve Handy, D’Arcy Grisier, and Clyde Johnston indicate likely closings of at least ten tee sponsorships. If we can get commitments from eight other members to sell just one tee sponsorship each we can make this program a huge financial success.