Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saying Goodbye

On Monday, April 8th we paid our respects to Art Archambault at the "Dixie" Elks Lodge and wished him well on his journey to Valhalla.   In the spirit of the founding members of Detachment #1270, Art was the first to approach me about joining the Marine Corps League and then, I'm sure, called in the close support, calling Toole, leaving me no choice but to fall into formation.

Art's gentle nature spoke to the tenderness that lies under the surface of a Marine and his sometimes enigmatic demeanor spoke to the complexity of the man's values and beliefs.  One could never question that Art fits into that category of men that exemplifies the highest standard and tradition of the United States Marine Corps.  His wife Betty was the first to write an article announcing my arrival and the beginning of operations of the St. George Vet Center in the "Dixie" Elks' Newsletter.

The world was made a better place by their standing together for God, Corps, Country, and Community. Oorah, Art!

Bruce Solomon