Friday, July 12, 2013

2013 July Commandant's Corner

As your newly elected Commandant I extend to all my sincere
appreciation for your confidence and trust in sustaining me in this position of responsibility.  The newly elected officers that you have assigned me to administer the Detachment are all individually highly qualified for their positions.  As Leaders, we are concerned about the morale and good will of the Detachment.  We acknowledge something needs to be instilled that will help in building the Morale and esprit de Corps within our ranks.

We are proposing a modified version of the THE MENTORING PROGRAM FOR THE MCL. In recognition that the Fire Team is the oldest formal organization in the Marine Corps and was taught to all of us in boot camp, we are proposing that the Detachment be divided into individual Fire Teams for the purpose of coordinating calls for funeral, parades and other functions.  The Fire Team provides a coordinator representing a small group of members consisting of “Old Salts” and “New Arrivals.” (location can/should be a consideration when forming individual Teams.)  It should be pointed out that, although a Member may be assigned to a Fire Team, he/she does not lose their individuality when attending Detachment meetings and exercising their right to vote for or against a person or program.

It is planned to present this New Proposal to the Membership at the Saturday, 11 July Meeting. (Proxy votes will be considered if received by 1 August 2013).  If approved by the membership we expect full implementation of the proposed Program by the end of October 2013.

D’Arcy Grisier, Commandant