Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Dec - Utah Dixie Commandant's Message

During the month of November a few of us (Larry Mineer, Steve Handy, Bernie Henkel and I) had the opportunity to visit a Cub Scout Awards Meeting at the Westridge Chapel. We were warmly welcomed. The Leaders previously asked that we present a Flag Ceremony, explaining the purpose for folding the flag and what does each fold represent. We all were pleasantly surprised how attentive the Cubs were and the questions they asked. We all went away, not only with a bag of treats, but firmly convinced that many in the Detachment would have been happy to participate. Therefore, I intend to discuss, at the next staff meeting, the possibility of the Detachment visiting future Cub Scouts Packs; explaining patriotism along with the American Flag. I trust the subject will be well received.

While discussing the month of November, I would be remiss if I did not include my personal appreciation for the dedication and outstanding job the Marine Corps Ball Committee for 2014 did in ensuring that all in attendance were properly entertained and fed.  Pat Lisi and Ken Olson really were the drivers, with assistance from Larry Mineer, Steve Handy, Jim Haney, Dave Waters and others. They all set the stage for future Ball Committees to follow.

During the holiday seasons be careful when driving, and enjoy family and friends in celebrating Christmas and the New Year 2015.