Sunday, June 14, 2015

Utah Dixie Receives Donation

Special guests were invited at the 13 June meeting of the Utah Dixie #1270 Detachment:  Mrs Claudia BACKMAN (widow of Ric BACKMAN) and her daughter Kindra.  The purpose of their visit was to present the Dixie Detachment a donation in the amount of $3000.00 in memory of their late husband/father, and MCL member.  Claudia spoke a few words about Ric and his zeal for golf.  He was an avid golfer and was able to golf well with two prosthetic legs after losing both his legs in Vietnam in 1968.  

As many know Ric passed away last year.  Steve Ikuta, showed a Power Point Presentation that was done last year of Ric BACKMAN.  (This was part of a Fire Team Presentation.)  Mrs. BACKMAN was most pleased at this pleasant surprise.  (Thanks, Steve!)  The donation is to be used to fund a Marine Corps League Detachment Scholarship, sponsored and administered by the Detachment and hereafter known as the CPL. BACKMAN USMC SCHOLARSHIP FUND.  

Since a candidate (Sgt. Robert Faulkner) had already been vetted by the Detachment, he is scheduled to receive the first Scholarship at the 11 July meeting.  Claudia asked if she could return as a guest to witness the presentation of the first Scholarship.  Of course she can.  Her contribution will permit additional qualified candidates to be considered in the future for the CPL. BACKMAN USMC SCHOLARSHIP.