Monday, December 14, 2015

Toys for Tots Activities

The following is sent at the request of Toys for Tots Coordinator, Rick Massey:

1.   15 Dec 2015 Toys for Tots event at Texas Roadhouse.  Have dinner on 12/15/15 at Texas Roadhouse and 10% of sales goes to Toys For Tots.  See you there at 1630.

2.  15 Dec 2015 Toys for Tots final screening at the Red Cliffs Mall. Time is 1730-2100.  Looking for some help. Last week's screening went really well. I expect this screening to be busy with about 40 applicants. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the previous week. Please send an e-mail to Rick Massey if you can make it. 
3.  19 Dec 2015 - Toys for Tots event at Ricardo's Restaurant located on Bluff St. Location where the Car Show was held. 10% of sales goes back to Toys For Tots.  Encourage everyone to come out and re-cap the Toys for Tots Drive plus enjoy some great food and most excellent company. Suggestions and input for next year's drive are encouraged and welcomed. I will be there at 1800.  Look forward to seeing everyone there. Bring your spouse, friends, family. Restaurant is roomy and has lots of seating area.

Thanks to everyone for their support and hard work. Toys are being collected, pulled and readied for deliveries. The end is in our sights. Carry on, Marines! Ooh-Rah. Semper Fi!  
Rick Massey