Sunday, January 31, 2016

Commandant's Corner - Feb. 2016

I have been informed that our National Headquarters is turning the corner in overcoming the administrative mess left by some ungrateful employees at the Headquarters level. We will know shortly if all our records coincide with theirs.

There is a current recruitment drive going on throughout the Marine Corps League and it will end in August 2016. The governing rules are as follows:

All new membership applications (going back to October 2015) will be placed in a drawing bin for a drawing at the next national convention for the following prizes:

First application drawn: $1000.00 will be awarded to the new member, as well as his/her sponsor.  Second application drawn: $500.00 will be awarded to the new member, as well as his/her sponsor.  Third and subsequent (up to ten) applications drawn: $100.00 will be awarded to the new member(s), as well as their sponsor(s).  Note: If the new member is a walk-in and there is no sponsor the Detachment will receive the sponsors prize.

Just as a matter of information it might be interesting to know who within Utah Dixie Detachment #1270 is in the pool to be considered. I will coordinate with Jon Hinz for this information and make it available at the next Detachment meeting.

Jim Haney is responsible for publishing the Membership Roster and he has always included the month and year members began their association with the Marine Corps League (not necessary the date a member may have started with the Utah Dixie Detachment #1270). It is referred to as the Start Date.  For those members who are not PLM's, that is the month that you are being asked to contribute your monthly dues ($25.00).  If you have not received a letter from National at the end of your anniversary month/year, take the initiative and contact Jon Hinz who could take your membership dues and process an application straight to National Headquarters for you.

Always be on the alert for potential candidates who espouse the standards required to become a member in good standing and would be an asset to our Detachment.  When in doubt check with the Adjutant.

Semper Fidelis!
D'Arcy E. Grisier