Monday, February 29, 2016

March Commandant's Corner

Both the Senior Vice Commandant (Dave Waters) and myself will be attending the Department of Utah Marine Corps League meeting which is being held in Salt Lake City, Saturday 5 March 2016. Topics to be discussed include:

Bring interest back to the Marine Corps League Convention

New Marine Corps League ribbon authorized for
“Honor Guard” participants.

We also will have an opportunity to discuss what Utah Dixie Detachment #1270 has accomplished since the last meeting I attended.  This is always the most enjoyable period in the meeting for me.  As a Detachment Commandant, I am proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to share with all in attendance our accomplishments.  If any member has anything they think would be of interest to add to the discussion(s), let us know before Friday, 4 March, and we will insure that it is presented at the meeting.

Many of you are aware of the “Special Birthday Card” that was prepared by the Detachment to send to Marine John L. Moon, Pfc (the last record of his rank).  Moon was involved in the first wave to capture Iwo Jima.  He has stated that he considers himself “lucky” since he was immediately shot on the beach and evacuated back to the states.  Pfc Moon lives in Macomb, Illinois and was celebrating his 100th birthday on 29 February.  Our National Commandant asked that all Detachments send a special card to Pfc Moon, c/o VFW Post 1921.  (The Post has taken it upon themselves to conduct this special “Birthday” Party for PFC Moon.)  It will be interesting to know how many “cards” were received.  I have been informed that the “Post” will send a picture of PFC Moon reading our card – we look forward to seeing the picture.

As of today we have 99 members of record.  (I am told that this number will increase by 2-3 at the next meeting.)  Of the 99 members, 42 have accepted some type of responsibility within the Detachment.  (Some have more than one type of responsibility).  I am happy to announce that Roger and Carolyn Clawson have accepted an assignment to help the staff at Switch Point.  Anyone else that might have some free hours that they could donate in assisting this worthwhile organization (Switch Point), please let me know.