Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Commandant's Corner

The next two months are going to be extremely busy days preparing for the Detachment's Annual Golf Tournament. While the date has been made, 4 June 2016, and the Sunbrook Golf Course selected as the place where it will all take place, the real work STARTS NOW!! All Detachment members will be asked to participate as “golfers” and to invite as many of our golfing buddies/friends/neighbors and/or acquaintances as we can.  Those of us who do not golf (for whatever reason)...we will be asked to do what we can to support those in charge. This year our future Senior Vice Commandant, Larry Mineer, volunteered to step up and to lead us. Larry has a few years’ experience with the golfing world and if we readily and willingly respond to his requests, we should have once again experience an enjoyable and profitable Tournament. 

On 8 April we have been asked to attend the Eagle Court of Honor for Ben Harris at 1900. Location will be at the Mormon Church on Westridge Street. Normally two or three Members attend and we present the Marine Corps League Certificate of Good Citizenship. We have had the opportunity to present at least ten Eagle Scouts with this award in the past.

At the April 9th meeting we will have the opportunity to vote for the following positions. Recommended names were distributed at the March meeting. For those who may have forgotten I repeat them below:
Marine Filling Position
Recommended to Fill Position
D’Arcy Grisier
Dave Waters
Sr. Vice Commandant
Dave Waters
Larry Mineer
Jr. Vice Commandant
Billion Johnson
Jon Hinz
Judge Advocate
Steve Ikuta
Steve Ikuta
Bill Head
Bill Head
Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday 9 March (0900) at the monthly Detachment meeting. I ran across this old saying, contributed to Harry S. Truman: “IT IS AMAZING WHAT YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH IF YOU DO NOT CARE WHO GETS THE CREDIT.” Semper Fidelis D'Arcy E. Grisier Commandant