Monday, January 30, 2012

2012-02 Commandant's Message

Here we are in February. I for one am glad we are through the holidays. As a detachment, we have a busy time in front of us. We need to elect new officers and form committees for the golf tournament and the Marine Corps Ball.

Larry Mineer has been working hard to form our color guard. He has had a number of meetings for members to practice flag folding.

We have received 2400 rounds of blank ammo and 100 clips from the Army at no cost to the detachment. We are still waiting for ten M-1's, but we are now sure our request has been approved. I will continue to follow up with the Army and we should have the rifles in next two months. Twelve members attended the funeral service for a Marine last month. But, the American Legion still had to handle the grave site service. We want and should provide this service at the request of families of Marines.

We are completing the sale of 2012 Dixie Direct Book which again has been a good fund raiser for the detachment. A number of members continue to step up to make it happen. The sales this year will be more than double the sales last year.

Our detachment brochure for recruitment of new members will be available at the February meeting thanks to the hard work of Clyde Johnston.

The big problem which continues to exist is our low attendance at monthly meetings and retention of members. We have at least five members who have not been sworn into the detachment. We need everyone to help in contacting these absent members to encourage them to attend meetings. We have had a number of outstanding speakers and we will continue to have interesting speakers. If you have ideas how we can improve attendance or if you have a service project we could work on, please come to the monthly meeting and speak up. I, myself am very proud to be a member of this detachment and I try to do what I can to make it grow.

I hope to see you all at the monthly meeting.
Carl Kulyk, Commandant