Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012-04 Commandant's Message

It's already April and time to nominate officers for next year. The election is in May. The April meeting is one everyone should attend as the slate of candidates is determined. Steve Ikuta has lined up another interesting speaker for April.

The State officers' meeting was postponed in March because there were no rooms available in St. George. They plan to attend this month, and I advised them that the Abbey Inn is full the weekend of April 14th. The staff at the Abbey Inn will try to locate rooms for them if they get me a number in next few days. Since, they are planning to attend; our officers should wear white uniform shirts to the April meeting.

The M-1 rifle that was defective has been repaired. We now have ten rifles that we can now use. Ken Olson has taken on the job of refinishing the stocks. He is doing two at a time. We plan to have one more practice where we actually fire the rifles. Les Covey will set this up at a range. Anyone who can attend should come and get familiar with the rifles and the funeral service. All members of the color guard must attend. Larry Mineer will get the date out as soon as it is available. Once we complete this live practice, the funeral homes in the area will be notified that we will be available to handle grave side services for Marines and Corpsmen. It is time that we do our part to help the American Legion that has been providing the service for all military personnel for years.

The date of the golf tournament has been moved from June 2 to June 23 because of a conflict. Clyde Johnston has sent out an email requesting help with obtaining raffle prizes and selling tee sign sponsorships to local businesses. You should advise Clyde Johnston of the persons you will contact to buy a tee sign or to obtain a raffle prize so a number of members don't ask the same people. It is time everyone gets involved as this is our major fund raiser. We need golfers to make the tournament successful. Everyone knows someone who plays golf. You just have to take them a flyer and ask them to help by playing. You should show them our brochure as it shows the service we provide to the community. If everyone works on finding nice raffle gift and finding golfers all will have a great time. Some of us know how to make a fun tournament but we need the people to play. We all feel good about voting to give funds to a needy person or group so we should all be responsible for raising the funds to give. If you are willing to work on the golf tournament contact Larry Mineer and become a number of the committee.

We now have about ten members working with Bill Toole and the Devil Pups and nearly the same number working on the next Marine Corps Ball committee. We now only have three working on the golf committee which is responsible for raising the majority of our funds. Of the $28.00 you pay in yearly dues, the detachment gets $3.00. You can see your $3.00 doesn't go very far in supporting our projects.

Well we have a lot to do, so let's get it done ! You should not have to ask a Marine more than once to get something done right. Be sure to ask a member who has not been attending the meetings to join us at the April meeting. I hope to see you all there so we can show the State officers how dedicated we are as a detachment.

Carl Kulyk, Commandant