Monday, May 9, 2016

2016 Devil Pup Program

SoUtah Devil Pups program is in full swing for the 2016 season.  Parent Information Meetings were held at the St. George Library on April 26-28 where several parents showed up to find out what the program offers.  The SoUtah Devil Pup program has become a highly sought-after activity for the Dixie High School AFJROTC, which pulls students from all SoUtah middle and high schools.  Many of the students now start training early, either on their own, or with former Devil Pups so that they have a better chance of being selected as a SoUtah Devil Pup candidate.  

Physical Fitness Training began on April 30 at the fitness center and stadium of DSU with Corporal Bryce Lewis challenging these students to do their very best. We have wonderful mentors in Bill, Jan and Thomas Veltkamp (a Devil Pup graduate) and Les Covey.  Other mentors who have had conflicts for the first two PFTs are Billion Johnston and Bill Head.  Steve Ikuta and Larry Mineer assist when their busy schedules permit.  If you would like to become a mentor for this youth citizenship program, please let us know.  It is a rewarding experience for the mentor and enriches the lives of these young people.  Learn more about the Devil Pups organization at

Jim Haney is the rummage sale expert and has worked with city permits, location and set up.  His assistance is invaluable as this is our biggest SoUtah Devil Pup fundraiser of the year.  All Devil Pup candidates will be expected to assist at the rummage sale on May 28 in Lin's parking lot on Sunset.  We hope that all MCL members will be able to provide some rummage sale items to help raise money for this year's Devil Pup summer camp experience.  

PFT will be held every Saturday morning at 0700 unless there is a holiday or Corporal Lewis has drill.  If you want to observe the PFT workouts, please join them.  Location is posted on the SoUtah Devil Pups blog.

Corporal Bryce Lewis, Liaison Rep
Lt. Col. William Toole, SoUtah LR Emeritus
Donna Toole, Calendar Coordinator