Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Creed Evans Tribute

On June 3, 2015, Creed Miles Evans, a WWII transport pilot, stepped beyond the veil. It appears he was able to stuff a couple lifetimes into his 90 years here on earth.  Creed and aviation grew up together. He and his sister got their first airplane ride in the early 1930's. He joined the Army Air Corps and learned to fly C-47's, the primary transport early in WWII. 

Creed as he looked in his Army Air Corps gear in WWII as a C-47 Transport Pilot.
While serving in the Army Air Corps, he actually participated in three major theaters of the war.  He flew in Europe, North Africa and over the Himalayan “Hump” transporting supplies, equipment and wounded. During this experience it was his sympathy for the wounded that inspired him to become a doctor.

While serving a mission for the LDS Church in France he found his ideal medical school. The University of Lausanne, Switzerland.  In 1956 he earned his medical degree, learning in French but being certified in English. Over the ensuing years he worked in hospitals in Europe and the U.S. In Los Angeles he went into family practice. But Doctor Creed was a high energy type and, along with his medical practice, he join the reserves and there served as a flight surgeon simultaneously in the US Air Force and the US Navy.  This took him to Saudi Arabia for 8 years during the 1960's where he even served as flight surgeon to the King of Saudi Arabia. And he also managed to serve as an emergency room physician to the Motion Picture/Television hospital in Calabasas California. 

When he retired to St. George, UT, he continued his original fascination with flying and would take friends and family flying in his 'Buster BT” Trainer.  Now retired he found time to author a book “The Youngest Eagle”, the story of Pete Peterson of Santiquin, Utah who flew with the Royal Air Force's Eagle Squadron.  He was always active in the LDS Church and served missions and callings in his local units. Upon learning of the Marine Corps League here in St. George, he was anxious to become involved as an Associate Member in their community services. 

Dr. Creed Evans in his MCL uniform affiliating him with all the services but the Coast Guard.

So by joining the Utah Dixie Detachment #1270 of the Marine Corps League he managed to become affiliated with all the services except the Coast Guard. Truly, he managed to squeeze more than two life-times into his 90 years.

Dr. Creed Evans flys his "BT WWII Trainer" for family and friends in St. George, UT